by Bobby Dread

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Chapter Three

"'Twas in the golden days of Equator De Collorom, a Lord of Might a King of justice..."

"These are the beginning words of the 'Poem-song of Esgar', a monumental work written some 7 thousand years ago.   It takes a week or so to sing and perform the play.   This and many other works are encapsulated in the memory banks of one of the thirteen known Crystal Skulls."  Professor William J. Croft was talking to a crowd of young students in the University of Belize, archeology department.

Attending the seminar were brothers Jeff and Taylor Davenport, old friends and neighbors of Bailey Wells. They had traveled through Central America a number of times, and at Bailey's request on this trip stopped off in Belize to check out the Mystery of the Crystal Skulls. They were to learn as much as they could about their power and authenticity, simply because the Skulls were a necessary element in the making of the I.D.R. machine work.

In the meantime, Bailey and Petra had become good friends, and had started to work on the I.D.R. machine together. They needed as much information on all the working parts as was possible, in order to activate the system.

Professor Croft was thought to be well past his prime, and was thought of as a dimwit of sorts by his colleagues around the world. To them, he was known as the 'Original Crystal Skull', because he was so wrapped up in the phenomena. William Croft was a jovial, fun person to be around, so Jeff and Taylor had nothing but fun times with him - tho' at times most of what William said went over their heads. But they had their own reason for accepting Bailey's request to meet with and learn about the Skulls.

They were the neighbors of Bailey, who played (very loudly) YES music over and over. It was a part of their lives since childhood. Their parents had played YES music as they grew up. They had no real history of the band, they just loved their music - especially the works from the 70's; the long form works of "Tales from Topographic Oceans", "Awaken", "Gates of Delirium", "Close to the Edge". These and others were their world.

Jeff and Taylor's mission was to find out how, when and where the Skulls originated, and how to ignite them and cause the Skulls to explain their history. For it is believed, as Professor Croft has taught:

"Each of the thirteen known Skulls has in it's memory banks the History of the Star Systems that surround our Universe. Not only that, but put into their correct position, twelve Skulls in a circle, and one Skull with the movable jaw in the middle, they will in unison start the music from The Gates of Eden - a very sacred healing music that, it is said, will heal all the wounds of all people of this Earth over the years. Many people have tried, without success to gain the truth of the Skulls. Some have, indeed, died in trying. In the wrong hands, the Crystal Skulls have sent people insane. The Caretakers say, 'Mankind has to live through 144 x 144 year cycles, as of last year, the year 2000, we had entered the last year of these cycles. Now here we are in 2001, we are living the 'unknown'. No rules, no prophesies, no oral stories given for beyond the 144 year cycles. You see, 144 is a powerful number, it is the sonic number of Light in all forms. Light is the essence of life as we understand it, so here we are my friends, at the true dawning of change, both sociologically and metaphysically."

Listening intently, Jeff and Taylor looked at each other in disbelief. Through their own studies, they had found out that the Hopi Elders had kept nine of the Skulls hidden in a sacred underground temple at Big Mountain. They knew of the Skull kept in the British Museum. Two were still missing (rumor was, that Bill Gates has one) and most famous one (with them movable jaw) is in Canada with the daughter of Prof. Mitchell-Hedges.

"So the problem would be, how to get the Crystal Skulls together in order to have them generate their energy, and imprint their knowledge into the seven spheres of the I.D.R. machine, making it work. It's as simple as that Bailey," both Jeff and Taylor said almost in unison.

Christmas 2001 arrived so fast it took almost everyone by surprise... well not everyone. And not everyone understands Christmas. It is, after all, a Christian world we live in. Well, this writer does. Each religion has their own Christmas, their own understanding of this very important event. Back to my story, Petra and Bailey along with Jeff and Taylor got together in Sweden just a month earlier to see the band 'YES'. Jeff had heard that the guys in the band were interested in the power of music, at the show it was Petra that first noticed it first, she pointed out to Bailey to look above the drummer Alan White.

"Can you see them?" There just above Alan were a thousand lights creating and re-creating shapes, spinning around Chris Squire, then flying high above the whole stage, thousands more came as they created these diametric shapes. Jeff shouted, "Look, Crop Circles!" There they were, Crop Circle shapes spinning around and above the audience, all in multicolored sparkling lights. It was Jeff that suggested after the show to try and meet the band. It didn't happen, too many guards backstage. They sent a letter, but they never heard from the band. At Baileys House, the four of them had dinner and recounted their tales, laughed, and felt sad they had not heard from the 'YES' band.

Anyway, Bailey suggested they all come into his den and check out the machine. There it was gently hovering about 4 feet above the ground. All of a sudden there was a loud bang, lightening hit the house at such a force. All four of them fell down and they were surrounded by smoke, which had the most peculiar smell; almost honey, yet a spicy smell. There in the den were three bearded guys, one with a banjo, one had a guitar, and the third just stood there for a while looking drunk. He then fell flat on his back.

"Where the hell are we?" said Jerome, looking at Ted. "It's Ok, this is Bailey." said Ted, very 'matter of fact'. Ted turned to Bailey and explained at length, "We are meant to 'be here now', remember this is not first time we have been here. You see, we have had the Divine pleasure to watch your footsteps over the past years, knowing that sooner or later we would be able to come back into your dimension for the sole purpose of re-inventing your dreamstate. Listen closely, over the past 33 years or so we - that's me Jerome and Will here..."

Will was sitting there, dazed but smiling.

" I was saying, when we were activated into one of the many parallel dimensions. We were escorted to a place where the beginning of time is. Think of it, 'the beginning of time', not the time idea humans understand, but a real sense of timelessness. It was just so real, in the moment, then we were told of our mission. It seems that over the last 25,000 years of conscious existence, every so often - usually every seventh decade - human consciousness wakes up to the ever-present realization of the Cosmic Order of things. Think of it... in your life you will witness at least thirteen events that will change your understanding of the world you live in. More of this later...".

Ted continued: "You all went to see and hear the band of musicians known as 'YES'. These guys are so cool. They really have no idea what they are up too, in the cosmology of things. But they and many other musicians, artists, singers, dancers, actors all over the known world are dedicated to their work, God bless them. Jon Anderson for instance, the singer, he dreams of creating the ultimate music. Steve Howe, his sidekick, dreams a similar dream. So do Alan and Chris, but they see things totally different to each other, thankfully. And as you can hear by their latest album, "Magnification", they truly believe in the Cosmic Order of things. Let me tell you, we, my brothers and me have been dreamtiming with them on and off for almost 33 years, singing them the songs of the Earth, the Universe, and so on. They have been with us on a level that's really amazing, yet they have been attacked, on many levels, emotionally and physically. A lot of the things they've brought on themselves, but thankfully, 'like many others' they have kept going, believing in their music, and their art - most of which is coordinated numerology-wise with the cosmos. Remember everything is made out of vibrations, sound, and color, and perfume. Remember Bailey, a lot of the 'themes' they play are directly linked to the Crop Circle energy. Just check it out, most of the lyrics are on that same understanding. All you need to do is relax and listen. And here you guys are, ready to set the 'True Machine' in motion, for the thirteenth time in our local history, believe me when you set it in motion, the World will change yet again, totally for the better. The true 'Second Coming', or if you will, the 'Golden Age'. My friends, make of this what you will. But remember, you make your own world constantly. You create your own life moment to moment. Don't miss a beat, don't hesitate, be quick, be smart, be ready..."

With that last word, the three brothers just disappeared as fast as they had appeared.

So here we are, Bailey, Petra, Jeff and Taylor. Ready or not, they have to ignite the Machine. Regarding the thirteen Crystal skulls, Jeff and Taylor had been told the Skulls would now contact each other 'strangely, via the Internet of all things'. Seven Songs of innocence would be heard simultaneously, as they all could interweave each other all thru' the newly formed XM radio satellite systems.

Seven Sacred colors came inter-dimensionally creating one bright light in the center of the room. Voices were heard, what seemed like a thousand voices chanted over and over 'Give Hope'. These harmonies came from all around, they were in fact, the Four Directions of harmony and the Magical musical painting of Petra's began to float around the room sounding out a deep resounding 'Om'. All spiraling upwards, into an inconceivable event, the four of them on their knees in the four corners of the room, staring into the twilight. Slowly but surely they began to 'see' millions of tiny light beings, shape-makers, 'Minuites'. Their presence created a wonderous moment. Again and again the Crop Circle designs were shown one by one, and then as if by magic, all the shapes formed together into one shape. Get ready folks - the one shape was a kaleidoscopic number "NINE" in a perfect circle slowly spinning in the middle of the room. Within seconds, the shape itself flew into all of the spheres of the Machine, which then started to get smaller and smaller and smaller. Just before it disappeared, it flew into the forehead of Bailey, then Petra, Jeff and Taylor, jolting them to sit up very straight, sending them into a beautiful trance. Then off the machine sped on its Sacred journey to enter every being on Earth, to Awaken each soul and lift their consciousness, as was prophesized.

Bobby Dread, Christmas 2001

IDR Artwork by Bob Cesca