Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Jon Anderson, Gary Husband and Markus Reuter + Others: Five for the Road

June 4, 2020

JON ANDERSON – 1000 HANDS (PROG ROCK): Previously only limitedly available, Jon Anderson’s eclectic 1000 Hands album sees the widespread release on Blue Elan Records on July 31. The former Yes frontman delivers his most diverse collection of songs since his solo debut, 1976’s Olias of Sunhillow. The lead-off single “Ramalama” reminds me of “We Have Heaven” from Yes’ Fragile with a more international flair. Certainly, the positivity reminiscent of Anderson’s best lyrics is present. The album also contains touches of jazz, progressive rock, and world music. “Activate” and “1000 Hands (Come Up)” are excellent examples of how Jon Anderson continues to progress musically. Producer Michael T. Franklin (Brian Wilson) does a stellar job managing the diverse talent which includes such icons as Steve Morse, Steve Howe, Billy Cobham, and Jean Luc Ponty. 1000 Hands is one of Anderson’s most cohesive solo albums.

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